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Erratum to: Mutations in epidermal growth factor receptor and K-ras in Chinese patients with colorectal cancer

The Original Article was published on 26 February 2010


The authors would like to apologize for failing to attribute text in their manuscript [1]. The following sentences were not referenced correctly as a direct quotation:

"Ras protein is activated transiently as a response to extracellular signals, such as growth factors, cytokines, and hormones that stimulate cell surface receptors. It can switch between an inactive state, in which the proteins are bound to guanosine-diphosphates, and an active state, in which conversion to guanosine- triphosphate (GTP) occurs. Mutant activated forms of Ras proteins have an impaired intrinsic GTPase activity, which renders the protein resistant to inactivation by regulatory GTPase-activating proteins" [2].

In addition, the following errors were made in the Abstract, paragraph 2 of the Results and Table two of the original publication [1]:

1. The methods described in the Abstract as "polymerase chain reaction-single strand conformational polymorphism" should be "polymerase chain reaction and Sanger sequencing".

2. The sentence in the Results (paragraph 2) "leading to substitution of a glutamine by leucine acid (Gln849Leu)" should be replaced by "leading to substitution of a Lysine by Arginine (Lys728Arg)." The sentence "leading to transitions of Lys728Arg and Ala871Thr." should be "leading to transitions of Gln849Leu and Ala871Thr."

3. In the EGFR column of Table two of the original publication, Gln849Leu in the first row should be replaced by Lys728Arg. In the second row of the same column, Lys728Arg should be replaced by Gln849Leu. The corrections are shown in Table 1.

Table 1 Corrections to Table two "Epidermal growth factor receptor and K-ras mutations"


  1. Zuo Y, Cao J, Zhu G, Lu Y, Zhou X, Li J: Mutations in epidermal growth factor receptor and K-ras in Chinese patients with colorectal cancer. BMC Medical Genetics. 2010, 11: 34-

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  2. Brink M, de Goeij AF, Weijenberg MP, Roemen GM, Lentjes MH, Pachen MM, Smits KM, de Bruïne AP, Goldbohm RA, van den Brandt PA: K-ras oncogene mutations in sporadic colorectal cancer in The Netherlands Cohort Study. Carcinogenesis. 2003, 24: 703-710. 10.1093/carcin/bgg009.

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