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Table 7 Receiver operating characteristic curve analyses for predicting CHD prevalence

From: Analysis on the polymorphisms of site RS4977574, and RS1333045 in region 9p21 and the susceptibility of coronary heart disease in Chinese population

VariablesAUC (95% CI)P valueCut-offSensitivitySpecificityYouden index
Age (years)0.583 (0.541–0.624)< 0.00159.50.5620.5560.118
CKMB (U/L)0.560 (0.520–0.601)0.00525.90.1990.9380.137
TC (mmol/L)0.518 (0.477–0.559)0.403
TG (mmol/L)0.525 (0.482–0.567)0.255
HDL (mmol/L)0.552 (0.511–0.593)0.0151.3250.5030.3850.111
LDL (mmol/L)0.529 (0.487–0.570)0.185
ApoA (g/L)0.538 (0.500–0.583)0.081
ApoB (g/L)0.523 (0.482–0.564)0.280
Glu (mmol/L)0.617 (0.578–0.657)< 0.0015.4450.4180.7940.212
Bun (mmol/L)0.505 (0.463–0.547)0.809
Cre (μmol/L)0.563 (0.521–0.605)0.00373.20.4630.6540.117
  1. AUC Area under curve, AUC The closer it is to 0.5, the less predictive it is