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Table 1 Demographics of the study population

From: Analysis on the polymorphisms of site RS4977574, and RS1333045 in region 9p21 and the susceptibility of coronary heart disease in Chinese population

VariablesCHDs (n = 598)Controls (n = 257)Statistical parameterP value
Age (years)61 (53–70)58 (49.5–66)−3.839< 0.001
Gender (male/ female)465/133164/9317.978< 0.001
Smoking Status (yes/no)283/315101/1564.6790.031
Drinking Status (yes/no)96/50234/2231.1120.292
Hypertension (yes/no)324/274114/1436.9410.008
CKMB (U/L)17 (13–23)16 (13–20)−2.8040.005
TC (mmol/L)4.65 (3.88–5.52)4.60 (3.91–5.38)−0.8370.403
TG (mmol/L)1.80 (1.25–2.48)1.71 (1.16–2.46)− 1.1390.255
HDL (mmol/L)1.33 (1.10–1.62)1.41 (1.18–1.68)−2.4260.015
LDL (mmol/L)2.79 (2.19–3.48)2.71 (2.17–3.38)−1.3250.185
ApoA (g/L)1.29 (1.14–1.45)1.30 (1.18–1.49)−1.7470.081
ApoB (g/L)0.92 ± 0.230.90 ± 0.21−1.2340.218
Glu (mmol/L)5.19 (4.65–6.16)4.84 (4.53–5.34)−5.447< 0.001
Bun (mmol/L)4.90 (4.05–5.88)4.87 (4.05–5.80)−0.2410.809
Cre (μmol/L)72 (62–81.25)69 (60–78)−2.9370.003
RS4977574 (GG/AG/AA)152/297/14948/122/878.6860.012
RS1333045 (TT/TC/CC)138/292/16873/127/574.4700.107
  1. Skewed data are presented as the median (interquartile range), normal data are presented as the mean ± standard deviation, and categorical data are presented as the absolute value. Smoking status, drinking status, hypertension, gender and the SNP site were examined by the chi-square test. The serum level of ApoB was examined by the independent samples t test, and the remaining baseline characteristics were examined by the Mann-Whitney test