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Table 1 Demographic details of studied cutaneous leishmaniasis subjects

From: TNF-α − 308 G/A and IFN-γ + 874 A/T gene polymorphisms in Saudi patients with cutaneous leishmaniasis

Total number of studied leishmania subjects169
Patients age (mean ± SD., years)34.1 ± 3.5
Gender91 males; 78 females
Disease duration (mean ± SD., months)55.91 ± 34.7
Sites of lesionsLimb, facial or skill
No. of lesions1–14
Leishmania major102
Leishmania tropica59
Leishmania infantum/donovani complex08
Total number of healthy human controls199
Age of controls (mean ± SD., years)36.8 ± 7.2
Gender of controls106 males; 93 females