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Table 2 SNPs showing significant p-value before FDR correction

From: Genetic polymorphisms associated with sleep-related phenotypes; relationships with individual nocturnal symptoms of insomnia in the HUNT study

SNPRef. alleleOther alleleGeneSymptoms
BOR95% CIp-valuePrevious associations
rs10493596TCAK5SOI + TI−0.820.45[0.3 to 0.8]0.004Morning chronotype [2]
rs10823607TCADAMTS14SOI + TI− 0.710.5[0.2 to 0.9]0.039Sleep duration [4]
rs113851554TGMEIS1SOI + MI0.41.5[1.1 to 2]0.007Insomnia symptoms [13]
    SOI + MI + TI0.361.4[1.1 to 2]0.007 
rs11706236GACACNA2D3MI + TI−0.330.7[0.5 to 0.9]0.009Caffeine related insomnia [3]
rs12471454TCSATB2TI−0.260.8[0.6 to 1]0.029Insomnia [4]
rs12927162GATOX3MI−0.150.9[0.7 to 1]0.036Morning chronotype [2]
rs1823125GAPAX8MI0.161.2[1 to 1.4]0.033Sleep duration [23]
rs1940013TCOPCMLSOI0.191.2[1 to 1.5]0.037Usual bedtime [22]
rs2221285TCESRRGSOI + TI−0.530.8[0.7 to 1]0.027Sleep duration [23]
rs2287838GAPIN1SOI−0.220.8[0.7 to 1]0.022Sleep duration [23]
rs2302729TCCACNA1CSOI + TI0.641.9[1.2 to 3]0.009Sleep latency [4]
rs34714364TGAPH1AMI0.161.18[1 to 1.4]0.041Morning chronotype [2]
rs55694368TGPER2MI−0.190.83[0.7 to 1]0.043Morning chronotype [2]
rs6437122GCUPP2SOI + MI + TI−0.340.7[0.5 to 0.9]0.015Sleep duration [23]
rs9517132TCRANBP5SOI−0.220.8[0.7 to 1]0.018Usual sleep duration [23]
rs9804200CTEBF3MI + TI−0.210.81[0.7 to 1]0.044Usual bedtime [4]
  1. SOI sleep onset insomnia, MI maintenance insomnia, TI terminal insomnia