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Fig. 1

From: Prevalence of CCR5delta32 in Northeastern Iran

Fig. 1

Scheme 1 shows the role of CCR5Δ32 in protection against HIV-1 infection; (a) The normal cell with wild type CCR5 gene: 1. transcription, 2. mRNA transfer to the cytosol, 3. translation, 4. conformation and transferring to the cell membrane, 5. HIV-1 attachment and entry, 6. production of HIV-1 RNA, 7. transferring HIV-1 RNA to the nucleus; (b) A cell with CCR5Δ32 gene: 1. transcription, 2. mRNA transfer to cytosol, 3. translation, 4. wrong conformation and degradation, 5. the absence of CCR5 on the cell surface and naught HIV-1 entry through CCR5

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