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Fig. 1

From: Copy number variation is highly correlated with differential gene expression: a pan-cancer study

Fig. 1

Integrative analysis of the association between CNV and differential gene expression. a. Boxplots show the relationship of Z score (y-axis) versus copy number value (x-axis) across 966 cell lines for CCLE, 59 cell lines for NCI-60 and 87 tissue samples for MESO. b. Median Z score versus copy number from 31 cancer types was extracted in scatter plot. P values were obtained from a Welch’s t-test. *** means p < 0.0001.c. Linear regression analysis of median Z score versus copy number within 31 tumors. d. Heat map shows the ρ between Z scores of gene expression and copy number, Pearson’s r of fitting and p value of linear regression analysis on median Z score of gene expression versus copy number among cell lines and tumors. ρ: spearman’s correlation coefficient

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