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Table 1 Characteristics of patients with HA20

From: Expanding the spectrum of A20 haploinsufficiency in two Chinese families: cases report

Patient no Family Gender Current age Age at onset Previous diagnosis Current diagnosis Previous treatment Current treatment
1 Family 1 F 14.1 years 7.0 years liver fibrosis Hypothyroidism SLE Lupus nephritis HA20 Prednisolone MMF Sodium levothyroxine HCQ Prednisolone MMF Sodium levothyroxine HCQ Etanercept
2 Family 1 M 5.1 years 2.5 years Crohn’s disease IBD-RA HA20 Prednisolone 5-AminoSalicylicAcid MTX Prednisolone 5-AminoSalicylicAcid MTX Etanercept
3 Family 1 M 38.2 years 7.0 years HA20   
4 Family 2 F 8.3 years 6.9 years JIA, CTD-ILD MAS HA20 Prednisolone CSA Diclofenac Sodium Prednisolone CSA Diclofenac Sodium Etanercept
  1. SLE Systemic lupus erythematosus, IBD-RA Inflammatory bowel disease-related arthritis, CTD-ILD Connective tissue disease-related interstitial lung disease, MAS Macrophage activation syndrome, HCQ Hydroxychloroquine, MTX Methotrexate, CSA Cyclosporine A