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Fig. 1

From: MLH1 germline mutation associated with Lynch syndrome in a family followed for more than 45 years

Fig. 1

Family pedigree. The reconstructed pedigree shows that the proband (II-6), her son's son (VI-1), her daughter (III-15) and her daughter's son (IV-3) share the mutation. I-1 T-colon cancer. II-2 A-colon cancer. II-3 T-colon cancer. II-4 primary cancer unknown, age unknown. II-6 rectal cancer, sigmoid cancer, endometrial cancer and rectal cancer. II-7 A-colon cancer. II-8 caecal cancer. III-4 breast cancer. III-14 A-colon cancer and sigmoid cancer. III-15 Endometrial cancer. II-6, III-15, III-16, IV-1, IV-3 and IV-4 underwent genetic testing. IV-1 and IV-3 were found to be mutation carriers. Squares denote male family members, circles denote female family members, solid symbols show individuals affected by cancer, the arrow denotes the proband, symbol with a slash shows a deceased person with the age at death, and types of primary tumours are listed below the symbols. Solid circle in square shows mutation carrier. P: proband, CRC: colorectal cancer, Em: endometrial cancer, Br: breast cancer, *: genetic testing was performed

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