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Table 2 Information for 16 candidate SNPs in innate immune system genes

From: Association of a placental Interleukin-6 genetic variant (rs1800796) with DNA methylation, gene expression and risk of acute chorioamnionitis

Genes Gene name Chromosome SNPs Genomic location
MBL2 Mannose binding lectin 2 10 rs1800450 Exon
TLR2 Toll-like receptor 2 4 rs3804099 Exon
TLR4 Toll-like receptor 4 9 rs1554973 3′ UTR
    rs4986790 Exon
    rs2149356 Intron
TLR5 Toll-like receptor 5 1 rs5744105 Intron
TLR9 Toll-like receptor 9 3 rs352140 Exon
CD14 Cluster of differentiation 14 5 rs2569190 5′UTR
IL6R Interleukin-6 receptor 1 rs2228144 Exon
IL6 Interleukin-6 7 rs1800795 Promoter
    rs1800796 Promoter
IL1B Interleukin-1 beta 2 rs1143643 Intron
IL10 Interleukin-10 1 rs1800896 Promoter
    rs2222202 Intron
IL8 Interleukin-8 4 rs4073 Promoter
MMP-16 Matrix metalloproteinase-16 8 rs2664349 Intron
  1. *This information is obtained from dbSNP: database from short genetic variations (