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Table 2 Genes sequenced and their transcript numbers

From: Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome in a Saudi boy with distinct features and variants in both the CREBBP and EP300 genes: a case report

Genes sequenced Transcript numbers Syndrome
CREBBP NM_004380.2 Rubinstein-Taybi
EP300 NM_001429.3 Rubinstein-Taybi
NIPBL NM_133433.3 Cornelia de Lang
SMC1A NM_006306.3 Cornelia de Lang
SMC3 NM_005445.3 Cornelia de Lang
RAD21 NM_006265.2 Cornelia de Lang
HDAC8 NM_018486.2 Cornelia de Lang
SRCAP NM_006662.2 Floating-Harbor