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Fig. 2

From: Identification of ANKDD1B variants in an ankylosing spondylitis pedigree and a sporadic patient

Fig. 2

Whole-genome linkage analysis and exome sequencing identified ANKDD1B to be associated with AS. a The AS9 pedigree. Generations, non-carriers, non-symptomatic carriers and patients are indicated. Arrow points to the proband. b Whole-genome linkage analysis identified seven regions (arrows) on Chr. 2, Chr. 5, Chr. 6, Chr. 7 and Chr. 16 to be significantly linked to disease transmission in the AS9 pedigree. c A delineation of the ANKDD1B locus and the major known AS risk loci in relation to the linkage regions. d, e The L87V variant and the R102L variant in ANKDD1B as shown in Sanger sequencing chromatograms

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