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Table 4 Association of rs9939609 (FTO) and rs1544410 (VDR) with BMI in males and females

From: Establishing a genetic link between FTO and VDR gene polymorphisms and obesity in the Emirati population

Log-additive model FTO (rs9939609) VDR (rs1544410)
Gender Genotype Mean BMI (kg/m2) p-value Genotype Mean BMI (kg/m2) p-value
Male AA 31.67 0.112 CC 32.30 0.165
AT 29.77 CT 28.63
TT 29.44 TT 30.41
Female AA 31.97 0.048* CC 30.67 0.796
AT 30.99 CT 30.91
TT 29.67 TT 30.38
  1. *significant p-values shown in bold (p < 0.05). Abbreviations- BMI Body mass index, FTO Fat mass and obesity-associated protein, VDR Vitamin D receptor, SNP single nucleotide polymorphism