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Table 1 Scoring system used in this study

From: A genotype-phenotype study of hereditary multiple exostoses in forty-six Chinese patients

Parameters   Score
Age of onset (years)
  >3a 1
  <=3 2
Height stature
  > = P50 0
  <P50 1
  <P25 2
  <P10 3
  <P3 4
Number of involved anatomical sitesb
  <15 1
  > = 16 2
Forearm deformity
  I No exostosis involvement of the distal forearm 0
  II With exostosis involvement of the distal radius or ulna without shortening of either bone or proportionate shortening 1
  III With exostosis involvement of the distal ulna or radius results in relative shortening of the ulna and a bowed radius or relative shortening of the radius, include Masada type I and type III 2
  IV With exostoses in the distal ulna, a relatively shorter ulna and dislocated radial head described as Masada type IIa and IIb 3
Alignment of low extremity
  Normal 0
  Valgus/Varus 1
  1. aHME has penetrance of 50% by the age of three and a half [8]; in this study less than three years was defined as 1 point
  2. bThe mean number of involved anatomical sites in this study was 15