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Table 3 The highly purified Breast Cancer Patients demographic, clinical, histological parameters with the nonsense mutation

From: Monoallelic characteristic-bearing heterozygous L1053X in BRCA2 gene among Sudanese women with breast cancer

Patients ID Age Family history of BC grade Stage and Metastasis histotype BC site Nonsense Mutation
B1 51 second and third degree*1 NA T1N1M0 NA Rt/Unilateral  
B2 45 No NA TxNxMx NA Bilateral Detected
B13*2 27 No III T2N1M0 Ductal Lt/Unilateral  
B14 35 Second degree NA TxNxM1 (Liver) Lobular Rt/Unilateral Detected
B18 41 No II TxNxMx Ductal Rt/Unilateral  
B23 27 No NA T2N0M0 NA Rt/Unilateral Detected
B24 39 No NA TxNxMx NA Rt/Unilateral Detected
B29 37 No III TxNxMx Ductal Rt/Unilateral  
B39 30 No II T4N1Mx Ductal Lt/Unilateral  
B44 57 No I TxNxM1 (Bone/Lung) Ductal Rt/Unilateral  
  1. *1Two of the relatives involved by breast cancer
  2. *2This patient was excluded from bioinformatics analysis due to inconsistency and poor quality