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Table 2 Allele transmission pattern for proband heterozygous SNPs in the 22q duplicated region

From: SNP array and FISH analysis of a proband with a 22q13.2- 22qter duplication shed light on the molecular origin of the rearrangement

Proband heterozygous genotypes Mother genotype Father genotype Parent transmitting two alleles (alleles) Tot. SNPs
AAB AB AA Mat(AB) or Pat(AA) 32
AB AB Not informative 5
BB AA Pat(AA) 13
BB AB Pat(AA) 21
ABB AA AB Pat(BB) 17
AA BB Pat(BB) 22
AB AB Not informative 6
AB BB Mat(AB) or Pat(BB) 20
BB AB Mat(BB) or Pat(AB) 1
Total SNPs     137