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Table 1 Type of investigated mitochondrial markers and haplogroup determination.

From: Mitochondrial haplogroup H1 is protective for ischemic stroke in Portuguese patients

  Mitochondrial Polymorphism (SNP Type)*
Haplogroup m.709G>A (ncod) m.1719G>A (ncod) m.3010G>A (ncod) m.3348A>G (syn) m.4580G>A (syn) m.5999T>C (syn) m.7028C>T (syn) m.7805G>A (p.V74I) m.8251G>A (syn) m.8701A>G (p.T59A) m.9055G>A (p.A177T) m.10398A>G (p.T114A) m.10873T>C (syn) m.11719G>A (syn) m.12308A>G (ncod) m.12705C>T (syn) m.13368G>A (syn) m.13617T>C (syn) m.13708G>A (p.A458T)
H        C        G      
H1    A     C        G      
V      A   T        G      
pre-HV/HV      G   T        G      
J   G           G   A A C    A
J1b   G A          G   A A C    A
T A            A   A   C A   
U               A G C    
U4       C         A G C    
U5               A G C   C  
U6a     G     A       A G C    
K1            A G    G     
I G A        A A   G T    T    
X2b G A        G A   A T    T    A
W A G        A A   A T    T    
L           G   G C    T    
  1. Each haplogroup was determined by the combination of bolded alleles, and the alleles not bolded aided in the phylogenetic assignment. The polymorphisms are named after their base pair position and alleles.
  2. *ncod: non-coding SNP; syn: synonymous SNP; amino acid substitutions are indicated for non-synonymous SNPs.