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Figure 1

From: Polymorphism of the FABP2 gene: a population frequency analysis and an association study with cardiovascular risk markers in Argentina

Figure 1

Association of Thr54 carriers with the combination of markers: i.e. cholesterol, BMI and cardiovascular risk index. Sample distribution for Thr54 carriers (homozygous Thr/Thr and heterozygous Ala/Thr) and non-carriers (homozygous Ala/Ala) regarding two features: (a) BMI and Choslesterol (b) Cardiovascular risk index (CV Risk) and Cholesterol. (c) Cardiovascular risk index (CV Risk) and BMI. The crossing lines show the threshold values for BMI (24 kg/m2), cholesterol (220 mg/dl), and high risk (9 total score)

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