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Table 2 Common haplotype and minor allele frequencies for SNPs within haplotype blocks in unaffected parents (n = 350–650 individuals), determined by individual genotyping.

From: An investigation of polymorphisms in the 17q11.2-12 CC chemokine gene cluster for association with multiple sclerosis in Australians

(a) 5' block
CCL2 -2581A>G CCL2 -2138A>T CCL11 -488C>A CCL11 67G>A Haplotype Frequency
A A C G 0.33
G A C G 0.29
A A A A 0.19
A T C G 0.18
Minor allele frequency     
G T A A  
0.29 0.19 0.19 0.20  
(b) 3' block     
CCL14 -649T>A CCL15 -1284A>C CCL23 316T>C CCL23 -289A>C Haplotype Frequency
T A T A 0.76
A A C C 0.12
A C C C 0.07
Minor allele frequency     
A C C C  
0.23 0.08 0.20 0.20  
(c) Minor allele frequencies of remaining SNPs     
SNP Minor allele frequency    
CCL8 -572C>T T 0.37    
CCL5 -471C>T T 0.19    
CCL16 -595C>A A 0.22    
CCL15 136+88C>T T 0.05