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Figure 4

From: A study of 82 extended HLA haplotypes in HFE-C282Y homozygous hemochromatosis subjects: relationship to the genetic control of CD8+ T-lymphocyte numbers and severity of iron overload

Figure 4

Distribution of the CD8+ T-lymphocyte numbers (A) and of the total body iron store (TBIS) after correction for the effect of age (residuals of TBIS on age) (B), in males, according to the HLA-A genotype of the C282Y homozygous probands, which divide subjects in the three groups: 1.subjects with two copies of the most common HLA-A alleles (A*03, A*02 and A*01; n = 27); 2.subjects with only one copy of the most common HLA-A alleles (n = 14) and 3.subjects without any copy of those alleles (n = 2).

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