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Figure 3

From: A study of 82 extended HLA haplotypes in HFE-C282Y homozygous hemochromatosis subjects: relationship to the genetic control of CD8+ T-lymphocyte numbers and severity of iron overload

Figure 3

Mean values ± standard error of the mean of the CD8+ T-lymphocyte numbers according to the presence of different HLA-A alleles among haplotypes carrying the C282Y mutation. Haplotypes carrying the HLA-A*01 are 13, the A*02 are 16 and the A*03 are 39. The group of "All other A" specificities include: HLA-A*11, A*23, A*24, A*25, A*26, A*29, A*31, A*32, A*33 and A*68 and are 18.

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