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Table 2 Lipidemic parameters (mg/dL) in the samples of CD patients (46–80 years age range). Mean values with standard deviation in parenthesis.

From: A study of the average effect of the 3'APOB-VNTR polymorphism on lipidemic parameters could explain why the short alleles (<35 repeats) are rare in centenarians

  CD-H Patients (n= 40; median age 64 years) CD-L Patients (n= 40; median age 62 years)
TC 185.7 (44.7) 284.6 (34.1)
HDL-C 27.8 (3.2) 45.4 (9.9)
LDL-C 125.6 (32.1) 207.3 (30.6)
TG (Log10) 2.15 (0.2) 2.2 (0.2)
  1. CD-H: Cardiovascular Disease with low level of HDL-C; CD-L: Cardiovascular Disease with high level of LDL-C; TC: serum Total Cholesterol; HDL-C: serum HDL-Cholesterol; LDL-C: serum LDL-Cholesterol (TC – HDL-C – TG/5); TG: serum Tryglycerides