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Table 1 Frequency and disease risk of 5 classes of genotypes under the model.

From: Effect of human leukocyte antigen heterozygosity on infectious disease outcome: The need for allele-specific measures

Class Susceptible homozygotes Heterozygote of susceptible alleles Heterozygote with one R and one S allele Heterozygote of resistant alleles Resistant homozygotes
Genotype S i S i S i S i , ij R i S j R i R j , ij R i R i
Frequency Θ q 2 - Θ 2 pq p 2 - Π Π
Probability of Favorable Outcome x ax bx cx dx
  1. Notation: Frequency of allele S i is q i ; frequency of allele R i is p i . p = p i ; q = q i = 1 - p; ; . The subscripts of R alleles and the subscripts of the S alleles are unrelated.