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Figure 5

From: Gene expression patterns vary in clonal cell cultures from Rett syndrome females with eight different MECP2 mutations

Figure 5

Ranges of fold changes, determined by quantitative RT-PCR for five genes, in multiple clonal cell strains from two Rett individuals (Statistical analysis of the data shown in Fig. 4). Dark bars represent comparisons of 7 wild-type and 7 mutant MeCP2 expressing clones from the 1155del32 mutation carrier. Open bars represent comparisons of 4 wild-type and 4 mutant MeCP2 expressing clones from the R106W mutation carrier. The lengths of the bars indicate the 95% confidence interval of the fold change in the log scale. The average estimated fold changes are identified by vertical lines (1.0 represents no change). P values are unpaired for the difference between the wild-type and mutant clones. Numbers at the bottom indicate log scale.

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