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Table 2 Disorders associated to genes influencing tobacco use disorder selected from methods 1 and 2

From: Genetic similarities between tobacco use disorder and related comorbidities: an exploratory study

Disorder Method 1 Method 2
Addiction X X
Alcoholism X X
Bladder cancer X X
Cervical cancer   X
Coronary disease X X
Delirium X  
Depressive disorder X X
Dyskinesia X  
Gastric cancer X X
Gastrointestinal tract cancer   X
Hypertension   X
Insomnia X  
Leukaemia   X
Liver cancer   X
Malignant hypertension X X
Mood disorders X  
Movement disorders X  
Motor dysfunction X X
Oesophageal cancer X X
Pancreatic cancer   X
Psychomotor agitation X X
Schizophrenia X X
Schizoaffective disorder X X
Stroke X X
Subarachnoid haemorrhage X  
Vascular disorder X X
  1. Method 1, 20 disorders with the strongest p-value indicating the relationship with the selected genes using Ingenuity Pathway Analysis; Method 2, based on category of disorders and developed in two steps: Firstly selection of the five disorders with the strongest p-value for each category and secondly limitation to the 20 disorders with the strongest p-value; Final selected disorders are the one retrieved from both method 1 and method 2.