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Table 3 Ten most significant SNPs associated with Framingham Risk Score using GWAS

From: Recent methods for polygenic analysis of genome-wide data implicate an important effect of common variants on cardiovascular disease risk

SNP Rank SNP ID Region Gene Beta P-value
1 rs17584191 5q23.2 Intergenic; flanking LMNB1 0.09579 1.866e-05
2 rs17051776 13q13 NBEA -0.28380 2.987e-05
3 rs483487 3q26.31 NLGN1 0.11820 3.239e-05
4 rs215935 6q14-q15 Intergenic; flanking TBX18 -0.08192 4.258e-05
5 rs1862523 5p14-p13 Intergenic; flanking NPR3 -0.08753 4.610e-05
6 rs2111202 7q3 NRCAM 0.09009 5.237e-05
7 rs12611756 2p12-p11.1 CTNNA2 0.08251 5.875e-05
8 rs1491609 3p13 Intergenic; flanking FOXP1 -0.08143 5.952e-05
9 rs1346949 18q21.33 Intergenic; flanking PIGN -0.08592 6.730e-05
10 rs17205291 1q42 Intergenic; flanking KIAA1804 0.10680 6.860e-05
  1. No single SNP was significant at the genome-wide level after multiple testing correction. SNPs that appear to replicate previous findings are highlighted.