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Table 2 Mutations found in EGFR exons 18 to 21

From: The human epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) gene in European patients with advanced colorectal cancer harbors infrequent mutations in its tyrosine kinase domain

Exon Frequency Mutation type Heredity K-ras status
   TTG to TCG (L707S) n2120 Ti s wt
   ACT to GCT (T710A) n2128 Ti s wt
18 5/188 (2.6%) GAA to GTT (E711V) n2132/2133 Tv s wt
   TTC to TCC (F712S) n2135 Ti s wt
   ACG to ACA (T725T) n2175 Ti g wt
19 1/221 (0.5%) GTC to GTT (V742V) n2226 Ti g wt
   TTC to TCC (F795S) n2384 Ti s wt
20 2/227 (0.8%) GGC to AGC (G796S) n2386 Ti g Wt
   CGC to CGT (R836R) n2508 Ti g M (13)
   CGC to CGT (R836R) n2508 Ti g wt
   CGC to CGT (R836R) n2508 Ti g wt
   CGC to CGT (R836R) n2508 Ti g wt
21 9/236 (3.8%) CGC to CGT (R836R) n2508 Ti g wt
   CGC to CGT (R836R) n2508 Ti g wt
   CGC to CGT (R836R) n2508 Ti s M (12)
   CGC to CGT (R836R) n2508 Ti nd wt
   ACA to AGA (T847R) n2540 Tv g Wt
  1. Frequency as well as mutation type and heredity are shown. Bold characters underline mutations not described elsewhere and italic characters indicate silent point mutations. Nucleotides positions are marked with an n followed by the position number. Transversion or transition mutation types are marked by Tv or Ti respectively. Germline and somatic mutations are designated by g and s respectively and correspond to mutations found (germline, g) or not found (somatic, s, tumor specific) in peripheral blood-DNA of the same patients. KRAS mutations located within the codon 12 (M 12) or 13 (M13) are highlighted.