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Figure 2

From: Testing the thrifty gene hypothesis: the Gly482Ser variant in PPARGC1Ais associated with BMI in Tongans

Figure 2

Worldwide frequency distribution of the 482Ser risk allele. The frequency of the 482Ser risk allele in each population is indicated in black. Frequencies are shown for the 53 populations from the CEPH Human Genome Diversity Panel and 6 additional populations. The raw genotype and allele frequency data for these populations can be found in Additional File 1, Table S1. The populations most relevant to the present study are abbreviated as follows: NGM, New Guinea samples from Myles et al. (2007); NGC, New Guinea samples from the CEPH-HGDP; BGV, Bougainville; TON, Tonga; WSN, Western Samoa and Niue; COK, Cook Islands; MRI, Maori.

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