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Table 5 Of the SNPs Listed in Table 4, the SNPs Associated with Tuberculosis in This Study Population

From: Polymorphisms in IL-1β, vitamin D receptor Fok1, and Toll-like receptor 2 are associated with extrapulmonary tuberculosis

RS number Gene Minor Allele Frequency Average Testing Balanced Accuracy Cross-validation Consistency P-value
Any TB vs. PPD+, all patients
Rs1811063 TNF-α 0.121 62.11# 4/5 0.05
Any TB vs. PPD+, black patients
71.27^ 3/5 0.02
  1. #Testing Sensitivity: 0.55; Testing Specificity: 0.69
  2. ^ Testing Sensitivity: 0.71; Testing Specificity: 0.72. In post-hoc logistic regression analysis using these 2 SNPs, a recessive encoding for each SNP maximized the model fit.
  3. The above are Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction models. Only models with P ≤ 0.05 are presented here.