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Archived Comments for: Mutations in epidermal growth factor receptor and K-ras in Chinese patients with colorectal cancer

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  1. Approximate *-derivations and approximate quadratic *-derivations on C*-algebras

    Choonkil Park, Hanyang University

    18 October 2011

    (1) Between B.4.39 and B.4.40,
    the following should be added
    \| f(a^*)-f(a)^*\| \le 4\varepsilon \|a\|^p
    (*this one produces the equation (4.6))

    (2) In B.4.40, `unique derivation' should be replaced by `unique quadartic $*$-derivation'

    (3) In B.4.51, `satisfying (4.5) -- unique derivation' should be replaced by `satisfying (4.5) and (4.6) -- unique quadratic $*$-derivation'

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