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Archived Comments for: Genetic selection? A study of individual variation in the enzymes of folate metabolism

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  1. Bibliography update

    Armando Reyes-Engel, University of Malaga, Spain

    22 March 2010

    We believe this is a very interesting article on a topic of research in which we are involved especially. As it is mentioned in the history of this publication there are very few articles published about this issue (one review and 5 original papers), and should not pose any problem to update the bibliography in this area. I am sending this letter to remark that our team published the first article, about this subject in The Lancet in 1998 whose title must not be overlooked, in any search, since it includes the words Genetic Selection and folate, and a second article in which the design is similar to this one because we refer to distribute the population into four cohorts and that also includes the term of genetic selection with the MTHFR gene polymorphism in the title. No other interest than scientific recognition, without which we would lack professional motivation and economic loss, we send this comment.
    Bibliography about Human Genetic Selection and Folate

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