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Table 5 Potential criteria for standardized reporting of GWAS results.

From: An Open Access Database of Genome-wide Association Results

Methodological description (array(s), calling algorithm, DNA extraction method, DNA pooling)

Full disclosure of SNP list genotyped, with genomic build and position

Genotyped strand and call rates for each SNP

QC filtering criteria employed

Sample sizes for all analyzed populations and indication of genotyping conducted for each

Sample demographics: gender, mean age, ethnogeographic make-up, geographic coordinates

Specific phenotype description(s)

Description of analytical and statistical procedures applied (genetic models, imputation, etc.)

Full p-values and effects estimates (such as direction of effect with respect to alleles, beta coefficients and standard errors) for association in main GWAS scans, and for meta-analysis if done across scans

List of SNPs with genomic build and position for which replication was attempted

Appropriate measures to mask group and individual identification if data are posted publicly

Contact information for submitters and parties responsible for portions of the GWAS