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Table 1 Clinical features of the patients with early-onset severe preeclampsia

From: A maternal GOT1 novel variant associated with early-onset severe preeclampsia identified by whole-exome sequencing

Age (years)3527293131
Pro-gestational BMI (kg/m2)22.922.12026.822
Prior pre-eclampsia+  + 
Registered gestational age (weeks)2827272631
First birth ++++
Thrombocytopenia  ++ 
Impaired liver function  +++
Progressive renal insufficiency++++ 
Serous membrane fluid +  +
Pulmonary edema  + +
Hypoproteinemia+ + 
HELLP syndrome  +++
Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy    +
Placental abruption     
Late abortion +++ 
Premature birth    +
Cesarean delivery ++ +
Fetal growth restriction+    
Stillbirth+  + 
Low birth weight infant ++ +