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Table 3 Association of Baseline Methylationa at Each CpG Dinucleotide With Child Obesity Status at 36-Month Follow-Up

From: Salivary epigenetic biomarkers as predictors of emerging childhood obesity

Unique CpG DinucleotideAssociated GeneOdds Ratio95% CIp-valueBiological Relevance
cg21790991FSTL11.35[0.88, 2.06]0.16Regulate endothelial cell function and vascular remodeling in response to hypoxic ischemia [30, 40]
cg03218460SORCS22.08[0.83, 5.21]0.12Functions to regulate fasting insulin levels and secretion of insulin, diabetes susceptibility [41, 42]
cg23241637ZNF804A1.47[0.61, 3.49]0.39Schizophrenia [43, 44]
cg04798490SHANK21.51[0.6, 3.8]0.38Autism [45, 46]
cg01307483NRF12.98[1.06, 8.38]0.04*Innate immune response governing adipocyte inflammation, cytokine expression, and insulin resistance [34,35,36]
cg19312314CBS0.75[0.27, 2.13]0.59Catalyzes the conversion of homocysteine to cystathionine, associated with homocystinuria and hydrogen sulfide production [47]
cg14321859DLC11.82[0.69, 4.81]0.23Regulates Rho GTP-binding proteins, cytoskeletal signaling, tumor suppressor, adipocyte differentiation [48, 49]
cg03067613ATP8B31.24[0.4, 3.8]0.71Reproduction [37]
cg11296553CEP720.99[0.03, 32.38]0.99Ulcerative colitis [38]
cg16509445CRYL11.04[0.23, 4.63]0.96Heptocellular carcinoma [50]
cg16344026PPARGC1B0.27[0.04, 2.04]0.21Fat oxidation, non-oxidative glucose metabolism, and energy regulation, ubiquitous in duodenum and small intestines [51, 52]
cg15354625ODZ40.78[0.12, 4.94]0.79Bipolar disorder [53]
cg23836542CHN21.13[0.14, 9.07]0.91Encodes GTP-metabolizing protein that regulates cell proliferation and migration, insulin resistance [54, 55]
cg07511564NXPH11.02[0.34, 3.03]0.97Forms a tight complex with alpha neurexins, promoting adhesion between dendrites and axons, diabetic neuropathy [56, 57]
cg18799510GRIN3A1.02[0.32, 3.28]0.98Schizophrenia [31, 58]
cg14996807UNC13A3.17[0.64, 15.76]0.16ALS [59, 60]
cg18431297SORCS21.01[0.51, 1.99]0.98Neuropeptide receptor activity, strongly expressed in the central nervous system, acts with IGF1 in the setting of cardiovascular disease [42, 61]
  1. a Degree of methylation was a continuous variable calculated by log-transforming the normalized values and multiplying by 10 to put it on a scale from 0 to 10 (see Methods section)