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Table 6 Meta-analysis of TNF-α 1031 T/C polymorphisms and CAD susceptibility

From: Association of tumor necrosis factor-α gene polymorphisms and coronary artery disease susceptibility: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Genetic ModelN (case/control)OR(95%CI)P*I2P#P value
CC vs TT + CT3781/38451.020 (0.677,1.539)0.01358.6%0.9230.6020.458
CC + CT vs TT3781/38450.945 (0.860,1.039)0.4760.0%0.2430.4660.786
CC vs TT3781/38450.999 (0.666,1.498)0.01856.5%0.9970.6020.465
CT vs TT3781/38450.929 (0.842,1.025)0.4014.1%0.1410.1750.951
C vs T3781/38450.973 (0.898,1.054)0.24821.9%0.5051.0000.624
  1. *P value of Heterogeneity chi-squared
  2. #P value of Pooled statistic