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Table 5 Meta-analysis of TNF-α 863C/A polymorphisms and CAD susceptibility

From: Association of tumor necrosis factor-α gene polymorphisms and coronary artery disease susceptibility: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Genetic ModelN (case/control)OR(95%CI)P*I2P#P value
AA vs CC + CA3144/44910.828 (0.608,1.129)0.4780.0%0.2340.4660.016
AA+CA vs CC3144/44910.793 (0.512,1.227)0.00093.3%0.2980.0200.390
AA vs CC3144/44910.838 (0.612,1.145)0.4500.0%0.2670.3480.035
CA vs CC3144/44910.805 (0.513,1.265)0.00093.3%0.3470.0320.426
A vs C3144/44910.803 (0.584,1.103)0.00090.6%0.1760.0120.204
  1. *P value of Heterogeneity chi-squared
  2. #P value of Pooled statistic