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Table 2 Prenatal test cases

From: Incidence of Huntington disease in a northeastern Spanish region: a 13-year retrospective study at tertiary care centre

Cases CAG repeats CAG repeats of parent at risk for transmitting Sample type Family history
A1 A2 A1 A2
A 14 38 13 38 CV HD confirmed mother, aunt and grandfather
B 13 32 CV Brother of A
C 15 22 22 39 AF HD confirmed mother and grandfather
D 16 37 18 37 AF HD confirmed mother and grandfather
E 15 22 22 47 CV HD confirmed mother, grandfather and great aunt
  1. Distribution of cases by genetic results, sample type and family history in prenatal test performed
  2. A1 allele, A2 allele 2, CV chorionic villi, AF amniotic fluid