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Table 1 Clinical features of individuals with sensorineural hearing loss in this family

From: A novel MYH14 mutation in a Chinese family with autosomal dominant nonsyndromic hearing loss

Examinations II-1 II-5 III-1
PTA threshold (dB HL) 56.25 / 58.75 (left/right) 50.00 / 51.25 (left/right) 56.25 / 58.75 (left/right)
SRS (%) 64 / 64 (left/right) 92 / 88 (left/right) 36 / 32 (left/right)
Tympanometry “A” type “A” type “A” type
ABR threshold (dB nHL) 70 (both) 70/60 (left/right) 60 (both)
DPOAE Absent (both) Absent (both) Absent (both)
Cochlear microphone No elicited No elicited No elicited
Vestibular bithermal calorid test Normal Normal Labyrinth reactivity lower (8.4°/s)
cVEMP Normal Normal No wave
oVEMP Low-amplitude in both ears Low-amplitude in left and normal in right N1 and P1 waves recorded only in right ear
Optic nerve electroretinogram Normal Normal Normal
Temporal bone HRCT Normal Normal Normal
Brain MRI Normal Normal Normal