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Table 4 Treatment and outcomes

From: Comprehensive analysis on phenotype and genetic basis of Chinese Fanconi anemia patients: dismal outcomes call for nationwide studies

Case No.TherapeuticsDonor & HLA matchingPre-HSCT conditioning regimenOutcomes
1HSCTUUD; 8/10Bu + CTX + Flu+AlemtuzumabDead (aGVHD, infections)
2HSCTUUD; 9/10Bu + CTX + Flu+ATG + Me-CCNUAlive
3HSCTMUD; 10/10Bu + Flu+CTX + ATGAlive
4HSCTHRD; 8/10Bu + CTX + Flu+ATG + Me-CCNUAlive
5HSCTHRD; 6/10 Dead (aGVHD, drug-induced encephalopathy)
   Decitabine+Ara-C + Bu + Flu+ATG + Me-CCNU
6Androgen and transfusionAlive
7HSCTHRD; 7/10 Dead (aGVHD, MODS)
   Decitabine+Ara-C + Bu + Flu+ATG + Me-CCNU 
8Lost follow-up
9HSCTMRD; 10/12Bu + Flu+CTX + ATGDead (aGVHD, septic shock)
10HSCTHRD; 5/10 Dead (aGVHD, septic shock)
   Decitabine+Ara-C + Bu + Flu+ATG + Me-CCNU 
11HSCTUUC; 5/8Bu + Flu+CTX + ATGDead (aGVHD, pulmonary infection, CMV infection)
12Androgen, cytokine, transfusionAlive
13Androgen and cytokineAlive
14HSCTHRD; 7/10Bu + Flu+CTX + ATGDead (aGVHD, TMA, pulmonary infection)
15HSCTHRD; 7/10Bu + Flu+CTX + ATGAlive
16Androgen and transfusionDead (pulmonary infection, septic shock)
17HSCTMUD; 10/10Bu + Flu+CTX + ATGAlive
18HSCTUUD; 8/10Bu + Flu+CTX + ATGAlive
19HSCTUUD; 9/10TBI + CTX + Flu+ATGAlive
20HSCTMUD; 10/10Bu + Flu+CTX + ATGAlive
21Loss to follow-up
  1. HSCT hematologic stem cell transplantation, UUD HLA-unmatched unrelated donor, MUD HLA-matched unrelated donor, HRD HLA-haploidentical related donor, MRD HLA-matched related donors, UUC HLA-unmatched unrelated cord blood, Bu Busulfan, CTX cyclophosphamide, Flu Fludarabine, ATG antithymocyte globulin, Me-CCNU Semustine, TBI total body irradiation, aGVHD acute graft-versus-host disease, CMV cytomegalovirus