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Table 2 Primer sequences used for TNF-α A/G and INF-γ T/A genotypes and allelic polymorphisms in skin biopsies of leishmaniasis patients

From: TNF-α − 308 G/A and IFN-γ + 874 A/T gene polymorphisms in Saudi patients with cutaneous leishmaniasis

SNo.TNF-α-308 (rs1800629)
1Forward Primer (Common)5`-TCTCGGTTTCTTCTCCATCG-3`
2Reverse Primer 1 (G allele)5`-ATAGGTTTTGAGGGGCATGG-3
3Reverse Primer 2 (A allele)5`-ATAGGTTTTGAGGGGCATGA-3`
SNo.INF-γ-874 (rs2430561)
1Forward Primer (Common)5`-TCAACAAAGCTGATACTCCA-3`
2Reverse Primer 1 (T allele)5`-TTCTTACAACACAAAATCAAATCT-3
3Reverse Primer 2 (A allele)5`-TTCTTACAACACAAAATCAAATCA-3