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Table 2 NEGR1 and BTNL8-BTNL3 deletions in population controls

From: Ancestry and frequency of genetic variants in the general population are confounders in the characterization of germline variants linked to cancer

 NEGR1 deletionBTNL8-BTNL3 deletion
European (n = 2101)36.4%50.1%8.6%42.7%
East Asian (n = 118)80.5%16.9%1.7%37.3%
South East Asian (n = 80)42.5%50.0%2.5%15.0%
African (n = 42)14.3%57.1%2.4%21.4%
American (n = 53)49.1%47.2%11.3%39.6%
Other (n = 202)44.6%41.6%4.0%30.7%
  1. Frequencies of the control collection (n = 2596) stratified by ethnic groups and homozygous or heterozygous deletion types