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Table 1 Summary of the frequencies of NEGR1 and BTNL8-BTNL3 deletion

From: Ancestry and frequency of genetic variants in the general population are confounders in the characterization of germline variants linked to cancer

 NEGR1 deletionBTNL8-BTNL3 deletion
Calgary Cohort (n = 8)100%62.5%
CBTTC (n = 73)86.3%17.8%
MSSNG controls (n = 2596)87.1%48.0%
1000 Genomes Project (n = 2504)89%38.2%
Personal Genome Project Canada (n = 93)77.4%48.4%
  1. Datasets include the Calgary cohort, a pediatric HGG dataset from the CBTTC and individuals from the general population (coded parental control Canadian samples in MSSNG); 1000 Genomes Project CNVs obtained from the Database of Genomic Variants [DGV]; and control samples from Personal Genome Project Canada (PGPC)). Deletions are either heterozygous or homozygous