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Table 1 Clinical, behavioral and histological characterization of the individuals

From: Rare variants in dynein heavy chain genes in two individuals with situs inversus and developmental dyslexia: a case report

Nr.Nationality (Ethnic origin)GenderAge at time of studyDyslexiaPCDLateralityDynein armsNeurological diagnosesHeartVisionSpineHandednessOthers
1Sweden (Caucasian)female59yesyessitus inversus totalislack of ODA, normal IDAAsperger syndrome, ADHD, normal intellectual abilitynormalhypophoria, exophoria, otherwise normalleftconvex thoracal scoliosisleft-handedmirror writing ability
2USA (Caucasian)male7yesbiopsy inconclusive, not diagnosedsitus inversus totalisinconclusivehyperactive/ symptoms of ADHD, normal intellectual abilitynormalcolor-blind, otherwise normalmild asymmetry of spineright-handed 
  1. ODA outer dynein arms, IDA inner dynein arms, ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder