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Table 1 Biochemical parameters of the two patients before and after treatment

From: Novel PYGL mutations in Chinese children leading to glycogen storage disease type VI: two case reports

 Patient 1Patient 2Reference
Glucose (mmol/L)–6.2
ALT (U/L)162.830921110–40
AST (U/L)230.9381022810–40
Lactate (mmol/L)4.03/2.5c1.0NA1.30.7–2.1
TG (mmol/L)4.392.154.371.570.56–1.69
TC (mmol/L)3.473.093.73.762.33–5.69
Uric acid (μmol/L)342208402322100–410
Total protein (g/L)–80
Prealbumin (mg/L)180NA160NA100–300
Ketone (mmol/L)dNNNNN
  1. Abbreviations: ALT alanine transaminase, AST aspartate aminotransferase, γGT gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase, TG triglycerides, TC total cholesterol, N negative, NA not available
  2. aThe laboratory values of patient 1 after treatment for 8 months
  3. bThe laboratory values of patient 2 after treatment for 13 months
  4. cThe lactate concentration had been tested for twice after fasting
  5. dKetone test used urine sample, and the other biochemical tests used serum samples