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Table 2 Correlation between the haplotypes containing the 5 tag SNPs including rs2479106, rs2768819, rs2670139, rs2536951 and rs2479102 and the PCOS risk in cases and controls

From: Association analysis between the tag single nucleotide polymorphisms of DENND1A and the risk of polycystic ovary syndrome in Chinese Han women

 Case (freq)Control (freq)Pearson’s POdds Ratio [95%CI]
CCGGG19 (0.201)39 (0.112)0.038*1.89 [1.027~3.481]
TTAAA64 (0.680)212 (0.602)0.3991.26 [0.733~2.176]
TTAGA3 (0.032)4 (0.012)0.2072.55 [0.567~11.498]
  1. *P <  0.05 between the cases and controls