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Fig. 2

From: Copy number variation is highly correlated with differential gene expression: a pan-cancer study

Fig. 2

Most genes’ expression changes significantly correlated with their copy number variations. a. Genes were sorted according to ρ on Z score versus copy number across 9159 tumor samples from TCGA, green representing a positive ρ and red meaning a negative one, representative oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes next to the corresponding points. b. Histograms present the distribution of r for each genes based on the linear fitting results of median Z score with each variable copy number in TCGA datasets, the majority of Pearson’s r of fitting distributed ranging from 0.8 to 1. c. A high level of agreement on ρ for 16,639 shared genes between cell lines dataset and TCGA dataset, y-axis for TCGA dataset and x-axis for cell lines dataset. ρ: spearman’s correlation coefficient

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