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Table 4 The scores and diagnosis under the DLCN criteria

From: Cascade screening for familial hypercholesterolemia-identification of the C308Y mutation in multiple family members and relatives for the first time in mainland China

Subject NoScores and diagnosis 
FhCHPELDL-C levelsMGTTotal scoresDiagnosis
II-92265823Definite FH
I-325815Definite FH
I-422Unlikely FH
III-223813Definite FH
II-622Unlikely FH
II-725815Definite FH
II-8263819Definite FH
II-10265821Definite FH
II-1122Unlikely FH
II-125815Definite FH
II-222Unlikely FH
II-3265821Definite FH
II-422Unlikely FH
II-525815Definite FH
III-122Unlikely FH
  1. Fh family history, CH clinical history, PE physical examination, LDL-C low density lipoprotein-cholesterol, MGT molecular genetic testing, FH familial hypercholesterolemia