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Table 2 Demographics and clinical characteristics of all subjects

From: Cascade screening for familial hypercholesterolemia-identification of the C308Y mutation in multiple family members and relatives for the first time in mainland China

Subject NoRelationship with the probandGenderAge (Years)BMISmoking (Years)TXATT (mm) L, RBP (mmHg)
II-9ProbandM30’s-40’s24.6>  20Yes13, 13150/60
I-3FatherM60’s-70’s24.2>  30No150/98
II-6Sister 1F40’s-50’s17.5No140/80
II-7Sister 2F40’s-50’s26.0No7, 7130/90
II-8Sister 3F30’s-40’s18.6Yes9, 9122/80
II-10BrotherM20’s-30’s25.3Yes9, 9122/88
II-11Sister 4F30’s-40’s28.4No140/90
II-1Cousin 1F50’s-60’s23.4No140/95
II-2Cousin 2F50’s-60’s19.5No150/90
II-3Cousin 3F40’s-50’s20.4>  20Yes9, 10130/90
II-4Cousin 4M40’s-50’s20.8>  20No160/100
II-5Cousin 5M40’s-50’s16.4No110/70
  1. Only 5 members had Achilles tendon thickness measured while the rest declined the measurement
  2. BMI body mass index, TX tendon xanthoma, ATT Achilles tendon thickness, L left, R right, BP blood pressure