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Table 1 List of clinically relevant mutations within the BRCA1, BRCA2 and TP53 genes in resected breast tumor tissues in our Bangladeshi cohort

From: Novel mutations in actionable breast cancer genes by targeted sequencing in an ethnically homogenous cohort

Sample Id Gene
[position] (hg19)
Mutation Types Significance Exon Nucleotide change Amino acid change
1 TP53 7,577,548 Nonsynonymous pathogenic 7 c.733G > A p.Gly245Ser
2 TP53 7,578,490 frameshift insertion* pathogenic 5 c.322dupG p.Val108Glyfs*
BRCA1 41,267,761 Nonsynonymous pathogenic 3 c.116G > A p.Cys39Tyr
3 BRCA2 32,910,951 Nonsynonymous VUS 11 c.2459A > G p.Asp820Gly
  1. *defines the novel variants in our cohort