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Table 5 Functional annotation results of 16 genes for MetS using DAVID Bioinformatics Resources 6.8

From: Identification of female-specific genetic variants for metabolic syndrome and its component traits to improve the prediction of metabolic syndrome in females

Trait No of genes Category Term Count Genes P-value
MetS 16 GOTERM_BP_DIRECT GO:0042102~positive regulation of T cell proliferation 2 TNFSF13B, PDCD1LG2 0.035
GOTERM_BP_DIRECT GO:0031295~T cell costimulation 2 TNFSF13B, PDCD1LG2 0.046
GOTERM_CC_DIRECT GO:0005829~cytosol 5 DCT, MYO16, RPL37A, PCM1, RIC1 0.091
  1. GO Gene ontology, BP Biological process, CC Cellular component